About Crafting Couple – Unique and Handmade Gifts for Any Occasion

Jim and Linda Finn make up Crafting Couple, the dynamic duo who craft unique, handmade gifts. Housed in Lubbock, TX, Jim and Linda strive to provide affordable, handmade gifts for any occasion.

Jim and Linda Finn

Jim is a retired construction foreman and Linda is a retired accountant. But their crafting experience surpasses their vocation. Linda has been crocheting since 1968 and Jim has been making wooden items since 1986. In 2007, they came together as the crafting couple and spend almost every day crafting small items: wooden products by Jim and crocheted items by Linda. Every item we make is crafted by hand.

Our goal is to make available quality products, at a reasonable cost, so that almost anyone can afford a bit of crafty “art” to wear or to have in their home.

We enjoy making a variety of items including custom items, to order.


More Information on Jim’s boxes

Jim’s handmade, solid wood items have inlaid images or lettering on them.  Each item is made by hand, using a scroll saw. Jim employs the “double bevel inlay” method for precision and quality. Some images, where noted, are applied and not inlaid.

Most of the wooden items are unique and simple boxes made of Eastern Red Cedar (aromatic) with lighter wood inlayed into it. No Plywood.

Inside Dimension of the boxes: 7 ½” x 5 ¼”and 1 ¾” deep.  No paint, stains or dyes are used.  All colors are the natural colors of various woods.  Most boxes are made of 3/8” cedar with clear polyurethane on the exterior. The interior is unfinished to retain the smell of the aromatic cedar.  Because these boxes are hand made, one at a time, no two are exactly alike.

The boxes are often used to keep memorabilia, jewelry, money, small collections, etc.

These make great gifts for teens and adults.  Special orders will be accommodated, when possible.  Like inlaid names, initials or special images

More Information on Linda’s Items

Give a gift that’s special. Each of Linda’s crocheted creations is unique and handmade. This is not the case for most items these days. Additionally, Linda has a love for the kitchen and enjoys creating fun, unique potholders, dish cloths, and more, to add a little special color to your kitchen. Linda also makes adorable hats and earwarmers/headbands as well as other apparel items like a warm and cozy poncho, a lovely swirl design topper and a wrap with cuffs. Linda welcomes custom orders.

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